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     This is the only upholstery cleaning service that I will use. They have the best cleaners, and they never charge outrageous rates like some of the others in the area.
Barbara L.21/05/2020
     Looking for professional carpet cleaning services. Mortlake Carpet Cleaning has the best results. The last thing you want to do is clean your carpet while you could spend quality time with your family after a long week at work.
     I had cut myself and spilt blood everywhere. I obviously didn't notice this until after my trip to the hospital. I couldn't remove the blood so I called up Mortlake Carpet Cleaning. Their cleaner arrived armed with a lot of equipment and detergents and used them to remove the blood stain completely. My wound is healed now and every stain is gone, so everything's looking up.
Ronald Winston24/09/2015
     I had moved into a new apartment and was starting to unpack when I noticed how dirty the oven was. It was shocking to see it in such a state and I didn't want to clean it myself. I contacted MortlakeCarpetCleaners to have them take care of things because I knew they would do a good job. They cleaned the oven immaculately and I didn't have to do a thing. I know that before I leave, I'll have them clean my oven so the next occupant doesn't have to go through what I did.
Wendy Ford27/05/2015
     My wife and I are loyal users of MortlakeCarpetCleaners and the reasons why we've stuck with this company for so long is because the cleaning crew has become part of our extended family. Even the dogs recognize them now and get on famously with the cleaners! The jobs are always done to our complete satisfaction and we couldn't be happier! So well done to this firm for maintaining the highest possible standards and offering discounts to loyal customers!
Steve R.15/01/2015
     I bought a new home but before I moved into it I wanted it cleaned throughout. There was a lot of dust and grime to clean up, and it needed specialist attention. I hadn't the time with work so I hired a local company called MortlakeCarpetCleaners. These were fantastic and did an amazing job. The cleaners scrubbed and washed the walls and skirting boards, cleaned windows, blitzed the bathroom and kitchen tiles and accessories. The friendly ladies worked nonstop and hard all day, polishing, sweeping and mopping. The end results were splendid and the place looked great, it looked so clean and tidy.
Janell Welch24/07/2014
     There's not much more to add to the throngs of people praising MortlakeCarpetCleaners but I guess my experience counts for something anyway. I was in need of a quick fix for my house and needed to get it cleaned as quickly as possible. After failed talks with a few companies, someone put me in touch with this firm I'd never heard of and from then on everything was handled beautifully. As a highly critical person, it is rare that I have nothing bad to say at all but they did a pretty perfect job with all of the cleaning.
Angela Anderson04/06/2014

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